TFW Applications update at 2 May 2024

This page provides information about a set of significant changes to TFW Applications on 2 May 2024.

UI improvements and added functionality

Improved indication is added to show when the applications is busy updating, searching, merging, trimming etc.

Facility is added to include or exclude "empty" databases (those with no weld records) from the archive database list. The default setting is to include them to be compatible with the previous behaviour.

When empty databases are shown in the list, they now appear with a different background colour.

Bug fixes

A few bugs have been fixed. Most bugs were very minor.

One bug that may have been more serious could result in archived data being deleted. There is no evidence that anyone has actually encountered this bug. Its manifestation was as follows:

  1. The user selects several databases. The last selected database is empty.
  2. The user opts to merge the selected databases and delete the original unmerged databases.
  3. The merge runs normally without error, but no records are copied into the empty database.
  4. The original databases, with data that should have been merged but wasn't, are deleted.

That bug is fixed; merging into an empty database now works properly.