TFW Applications update at 5 April 2024

This page provides information about a set of significant changes to TFW Applications on 5 April 2024.

Enhancements and restructuring of XamlPackageManager

I set out to make a number of minor enhancements to XamlPackageManager but decided along the way to do some significant refactoring to the WPF designer to tidy up some historical anomalies.

See the TFW Applications section below for advice on updating.

Minor updates with widespread effects

I discovered and fixed a very minor bug that affects many applications and was created only very recently. I am sure that no-one has encountered the bug (and probably wouldn't have noticed even if they did). It has no effect on the operation of the applications.

New installation is entirely normal.

The applications can be reinstalled on top of an existing installation to accomplish the bug fix without affecting the existing settings. Setup will remember and reapply the choices you made during the previous installation (but you can still make changes if you want to). Just a few details need attention:

  • To ensure a tidy update of XamlPackageManager, delete the contents of C:\Program Files\Thompson Friction Welding\XamlPackageManager before starting the reinstallation.
  • During installation, Setup will ask about replacing some existing files, including the licence file and Content.lxcz. Answer "Keep existing file" in all cases.