TFW Applications update at 4 March 2024

This page provides information about a set of significant changes to TFW Applications released on 4 March 2024.

Xaml Package Manager now has Xaml Formatting

Xaml Package Manager formats the xaml when saving it to a file. There are numerous settings affecting the formatting: line length, indentation, tabs or spaces, attribute formatting etc., etc. At present there is no UI for changing these options (it would probably take longer to write and test than the formatting code itself), but it is planned to provide a UI in the near future, time permitting. Settings (suiting my own preferences) are defined in a Json blob in XamlPackageManager.exe.config so you can edit that if you really want to try to change formatting style.

The WPF designer now provides better hosting functionality for the WPF design view.

Hosting functionality now enables a more wysiwyg view in the WPF designer. The designer also takes advantage of improvements in TFWStatusControls to provide dynamic font resizing when the view size is changed.

Better dynamic response to size changes

Updates to TFWStatusControls enable dynamic font size changes in the main content display in response to view size changes. (This is long overdue.)