TFW Applications update at 25 October 2023

This page provides information about a set of significant changes to TFW Applications released on 25 October 2023.

Splitter in main window is now auto-positioned

Previously, the splitter between the main status display and the log events display in Welder's main window could be positioned manually (by dragging with the mouse) and the position would be remembered and restored next time Welder started. This was the way it was always intended to work but it has become clear to me tht this was not a good design decision. I have seen far too many cases of users dragging the splitter to an unsuitable location (sometimes probably unintentionally) and leaving it there. The last straw was when I found a user who had dragged it so far that it was no longer visible and couldn't be dragged back.

Now the default behaviour is that the splitter is positioned automatically when Welder starts up. The position is calculated to maximise the space for the log display while still allowing the space needed by the content above it.

This new behaviour can be turned off, reverting to the old behaviour, by turning off the AutoPositionSplitter option in the Welder configuration.