TFW Applications update at 6 September 2023

This page provides information about a set of significant changes to TFW Applications released on 6 September 2023.

Fixed a bug in user override timeout.

When you override a user, a timeout is started to end the timeout automatically after two minutes. A bug caused this timeout to be effective only the first time it occurred. The bug is fixed so the timeout is always effective.

The bug and the fix affect any application that uses the override feature of User Manager

Added functionality for external code to log on users
Additional functionality allows external code to log on a user. (It was already possible to log off users.) This is to allow for future requirements (such as John Deere's badge readers) to provide other means of logging in.

A new plug-in service for Welder

The service provides access to User Manager features that can be exploited by other add-on features. It uses the new features described in User Manager/Added functionality... above.

At present this service is only for testing and development. It is not suitable for use on a customer machine.